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Mezcales Tasting

To taste a mezcal it is necessary to take into account that it is a distillate and that by nature it will have a strong alcohol. You have to try mezcal with kisses rather than sips.

View: In the color, limpidity, brightness, transparency and body that is perceived by the density of the “tears” it generates.

Smell: The intensity of the aroma will depend on the agave with which it was distilled. When vacuuming it, do not do it all at once because you will not be able to appreciate its components. Taste: Before trying it, shake the glass and smell it again, it will release essences that you had not discovered. This way you can identify its sweetness, acidity or bitterness.

Touch: When you try it you can feel the heat, the cold, the astringency of the drink or whether it is spicy, burning or abrasive.

Don't be left wanting and enjoy a good mezcal with the aroma and flavor of Mexican.

*Cost per person $2500.00

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